Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Adventures Await...

I wish at this moment I would keep up with this blog. But it most certainly purposes itself as a challenge. But Kapone and I have made it to Savannah, where a new adventure awaits itself...

        I have come to attend Savannah College Of Art and Design for my Graduate degree in accessory design. Yes that is indeed a degree for making both handbags, and shoes. Although some might be skeptical of this degree as a major, Marcell Mrsan, a Hungarian 6th generation master shoe Cordwainer, is my professor. This man makes custom shoes which are perfectly measured to fit upon the clients foot. He makes everything from the last in which the shoe is shaped around, to the shoes being made from hand-skived leather and having hand-stitched detail, to even some of his hand-crafted tools. The price tag on a pair of his shoes ranges in the $3,000s, so yes he is quite the professor. This is who I am being taught by, and this is why I am thankful to be back in the beautifully corky town of Savannah. 


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