Friday, September 25, 2015

Setting it up!

Booth set up practice, proudly collaborating with The Experience Collective.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Freedom to Adventure

There are just some days where you need to escape from reality to collect some authentic inspiration. My magical lady friend and I kayaked out to a small island off Tybee to get some much need peace and quiet. An amazing day, with two beautiful souls. Simply Blessed to be alive!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Inlay Stone & Wood Stimming Pendant

Each wood pendant is completely unique. We hand-carve the wood to house the stone. 
The special part about these pendants are that they serve a specific purpose. Every human has a coping mechanism that allows them to adjust to changing environments, this mechanism is called stimming, self-stimmulation. Most choose a repetitive body movement, whether its rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb, touching hair, things of that nature. The pendants are shaped to replicate the natural curves of the body in order sooth the wearer with a simple touch.  

Believe it or not, they absolutely worked for the individuals who  have tried it. These pieces are not just meant to be fancy, or beautiful, they are meant to create comfort and expose confidence. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet Rowen Our Handbag/Backpack

Meet Rowen!!  A Rustic leather Handbag/Backpack that was built to last. There is a balance of functional space and pockets to keep the wearer organized but not overwhelmed with compartments. Hidden slip pockets are located on either side of the bag for cup holders, as well as zipper pockets located on the front panel of the slip pocket for addition storage. The gusset is expandable for easy access, and the interior not only exposes the pride of our craftsmanship with partial lining, but also has elements of hand-painted gestural cicadas along the bottom of the bag. 

I am sure the additional details might sometimes be excessive, but this has become a way of expressing our passion for our craft. Some seem to understand,  while others still believe our time should be spent on quantity rather then quality. 


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Part Of The Experience Collective

When I was told about these extravagant public art projects done by this crazy group of local artists', it never clicked on how absolutely moving their process of creation actually was. I need you to understand that these individuals wake up at 4:30am to begin these odd and random works of art in parks, retail spaces, galleries, private events, nature, etc. Normally it is a single shape repeated in large scale formations, but it is their attention to detail and precision to the craft, that allows them to bring the public into the world of art. Here is a peak at some of their work, other then that check them out at Experience Collective

Toni Dammicci, Emily Brodowski, & Ethan Conlon are the true magic behind the making. Luckily Jasper and I had the opportunity to be apart of the creation. May 1st we entered into Sand Arts competition for Savannah College of Art and Design at Tybee Island. Instead of doing the normal dragon, mermaid, or castle in the sand, the idea was to make a bunch of bubbles as fast as we could, to cover as much ground that was humanly possible for 4 individuals. We went to the beach the night before to practice our circles and orbs, come game day we rose at 5:45am to begin our work at 7:30 sharp. 

 The competition did not begin until 10am, but 2.5 hrs early was completely necessary for our goal. Although there was no true plan, we broke off and began digging and forming. Four minds working together to create hundreds of orbs in a variety of sizes scattered in a unique formation spanning 100ft by 40ft. Sadly photos and detailed descriptions never do their pieces justice, but we took home two 1st place awards, but best of all, we had the chance to truly create a public experience. It is simply the subtle transformation of the environment that created a thought-provoking perspective on what art truly is and can be. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In good company!

It was one of those moments when you just let go of all you worries, and allow for an amazing evening. My mother came to Savannah to visit Jasper & I. We ended up having a meal and drinks one evening on the patio at our local cafe. We sat there talking and laughing, just completely enjoying each others company. With all the stress that life continually throws at you, these are the moments I live for. Simplicity in my environment, and the true essence of great company. Xo.OPhilya.