Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Handmade Rustic Purple Leather Clutch

This is the new addition to the team of rustic leather clutches.  The branding on the front of this bag was from the cattle ranch from where this particular hide came from. Yes I am indeed an animal lover, but while many discard these pieces, I take great pride in using every aspect of the material. 

With any material, the user should show great respect and admiration. No resource is endless, and most certainly natural resources, considered once living resources, should be used with great care and veneration. One must understand the actual presence of life that these natural materials hold is extremely precious.

The Interior of this clutch has no lining because even the back side of a hide is stunning. I purposefully chose to expose the inner-workings of this handmade product to frame all aspects of this exquisite hide.


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