Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hand-carved Buckeye Burl Wood Pendent

With each piece we truly dedicate time, and love to complete every detail. This Pendent is hand carved out of Buckeye Burl. 

Just to inform the readers, Burl is the part of wood which exposes the knots, which makes it a little more difficult to work with, but when is it complete, the grain is magnificent

To compliment the beautiful shades of blues and greens within the wood, we have embedded a Tiger Eye stone into the face of the pendent. The chain is a antique chain with a strong magnetic clasp. 

Features which you miss by not being able to experience this piece up close, is the smooth shape of the pendent. We have begun building upon this idea of stimming. Stimming is also known as self-stimulation, which is created by a repetitive movement that triggers the calmness of nerves. Organic shapes seem to calm the nerves and sooth some from bad habits. At first this idea seemed far fetched, but it has truly proven to work. We strive for products of purpose.



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