Thursday, April 17, 2014


This is the man I  am so proud to introduce. My Opa has been my inspiration since a child. Of course comes the natural fixation of loving your grandparents, but he has proven to be much more then just any average human being. This extraordinarily hard working man is capable of fixing just about anything. He has shown me a true example of passion for your craft, and what it means to work hard. 
Growing up in Bavaria with 7 brothers and sisters during the war gave him a unique perspective on the world. His father was a Granite stone worker, digging wells to bring home money to support his large family. 
My Opa's obsession with mechanics and the functional properties of objects started at a young age, when he would pull apart toys to see the inner workings. But with guidance in carpentry and studying gears at a technical college, he naturally became a fixing machine. 
There are so many factors to why this man has always left a magical glow within me. At times he might seem to be stuck in his German ways, but he is so uniquely him, and so beautifully different then any other soul. Humble and hardworking is how I would describe him. I love every aspect of who he is, and am so honored to grow up having him as my inspiration. 

Ich Liebe Du,

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