Monday, February 25, 2013

Warhouse stocked with Leather

Tandy Leather Warehouse in Elgin, IL

This is that one particular place where I fill with an array of awkward mixed emotions. I am both ecstatic of the endless possibilities, overwhelmed at the size, and saddened at the thought. But I get to work scanning isles to find those treasured materials for future projects.

Although the color screams out and catches the eye, I deviate towards natural tones and vegetable tan leather which carries a off white surface.

Veg. Tan leather -  is great for textural details such as painted surfaces, leather dying, and my most cherished favorite is when you soak the leather within water for a few seconds, it becomes limp to the touch. At this moment you may mold the leather around an selected object and when it drys it becomes a hardened shell. This technique is something which allows you to think outside the box.

Hours Later… Too much money spent… But amazing materials to work with… 

Back to the studio for deliberation. 
                          Onto the next project...


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