Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beneath this Surface Lies A Colorful Soul

I think of myself as an individual who wears her heart upon her sleeve. It is within my work I attempt to show the depths of my personality through the materials chosen, and the craftsmanship applied to create a one-of-kind artistic accessory for those who deeply and truly understand the true essence of art. 

From the moment the sun appears and I pull the covers down from over my head, I crave this passion for all my senses. A colorful wardrobe is normally the excitement which pulls me from my stupor and brings back that spark of excitement in creating yet again another memorable day. The clothing which you chose, I believe, should express your inner self, and so with this said, I find myself fighting to deny throwing on all the colors in my closet and attempting to stick to somewhat of a cohesive color palette. But underneath all these luxurious layers lies a colorful soul which lives for life's most tiniest of inspirational thoughts and visions.

      Live Inspired.


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