Monday, March 18, 2013

Instyle Winning Handmade Handbag

This hand-woven handmade Leather handbag was made for my senior collection during my last year at Savannah College of Art and Design. In my final months I entered this particular bag into Instyles Independent Handbag Award Competition. Crazy enough, I won in the category of Best Student Made Handbag and was given the chance to mass produce a bag with the brand Piazza from 
The bag designed and created with Piazza with be release in Spring 2013, so it drawing close to the day the bag will be release to the public. The whole process is exciting and suspenseful! I am just excited I was blessed with this opportunity to be featured in September issue of Instyle and on top of that, have the chance to experience of the process of fully designing and mass-producing a wonderfully crafted bag with an amazing company such as Piazza.

The bag has a few special features. The outside exterior of the bag is all hand woven. First each tiny strip had to be skived. This mean that the back end of the hide had to be split from the oiled surface in order to take away from the bulk of the final product. There are indeed easier ways of achieving this surface but with the tools given and the material chosen this was my best and most affordable way to achieve my vision. The exotic Coccobolo wooden handle is hand-carved and is polished to a shine to give another extravagant touch to the product. The yellow strip of patten leather was a one-of-a-kind accident acid leather dyed cow hide. The interior of the bag has a custom printed fabric of garden gnomes and within the interior of the inside pocket is yet again another custom printed florescent striped fabric to add another hidden pop of personality into this compact leather bag.


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