Friday, March 1, 2013

Intense Heat of Boredom

As the winter months drag on to an excruciating time span, I find myself with nothing to do but get creative...

So one day while siting quietly at the computer scanning for inspired thought. Photo Booth flashing for updates suddenly caught my eye. In a flash I pop up the screen to assess the situation, when it dawned on me the unproductive value for a mid-day photo shoot, but I proceeded to click the snapshot button. As the camera counted down I shifted into position, and while some might take this opportunity to perform their most graceful pose into the mini camera upon the computer screen. I instead pointed my finger up at the ceiling in reaction to this awkwardly genius idea. With this intense brightness of complexion showing upon my face from blaring light in front of me, I felt as though I some how managed to dabble into the art of magic; and with this great, nerd filled pride, have created with the assistance of PhotoBooth, the art of illusion.



  1. So funny pics! xD
    Nice blog, dear!

    1. Thank you for the shout
      out of encouraging support CM.
      Every response is charished,
      that's what keeps
      me posting.