Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Process Of Wood Turning

Many see the products that we create, but do not get the opportunity to see the process of creation, which in my personal opinion is the highlight of the creative arts. This machine is a Miniature wood lathe. Real simple concept, all you have to do is take the piece of wood which you desire to transform, and wedge it tightly between this gapped area. As you power up the machine the block of would begin to spin at 1200rpm. You of course may adjust the speed but in order to create the fine edges and detailed pieces, the faster you go the easier it is to work with. By taking the hand tools and working away at the surface of the block, soon the piece will begin to take shape and from their you may create what ever your heart desires. Now even though this concept of lathing wood sounds relatively simple, it also requires great skill and patients in order to achieve your desired thickness and design. This tool has become a blessing to the team of machinery in our shop, and Mike is slowly working up towards mastering the trade of wood lathing. You will begin to see new products with intricate details of our handmade treasures made from exotic wood, so stay tune...


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