Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graphite Sketches of Concept Shoes

Only a dream but still plans in the making. I often sketch conceptual shoe designs hoping one day I might be able to hand make, or have them made for runway fashion shows. I have drawn hundreds of shoes and continuously thrive off new ideas for wearable forms of art. I would melt at the opportunity to design for a company who would produce these particular designs but I have now realized how difficult it actually is to get the work out into the world. 



  1. your shoe designs are beautiful!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog :)
    I hope they do get produced one day.

    1. Thank you so much for the support! These designs are what I am working up towards… To design my dream heel and fully create a one of-a-kind line of wearable forms of art would awkwardly enough be a dream come true. :) I dream shoes, so I suppose this is my calling… But I always love feedback so thank you again!