Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Magic In The White of Snow

With ice on the ground and a cool wind in the air, Mike and I chanced the bitter cold and found a forest preserve near the house to take my dog Kapone for a mid-day stroll. Every winter I find Kapone sitting quietly in his corner glaring over while I'm at work in the studio expressing through his big brown puppy dog eyes, his desire to be outdoors. Kapone is a black lab, German shepard mix. Although we might stand on a five acres of land, with plenty of room to roam, Kapone only finds comfort when his owner is by his side. I believe this is the German Shepard in him which cries out to be loved by his single selected owner.

While all others melt over their beloved pooch I indeed find my dog Kapone, irresistibly charming. Reaching about 10 years old, fully grayed, with his natural mix of brindle, Kapone has become my unique inspiration of a charming twist of awkward. Although he stands with an alarmingly graceful posture which wards off the on-coming passer-by from approaching him with a pet and a smile. Kapone looks as though he is both sharp, cunning, and would attack on command. Although these features would be extraordinary for my protection, he is quit opposite. A simple soul and kind to the touch, Kapone, or Pony for short, has become my beloved companion.


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