Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Handmade Exotic Wood Brim Helmet

During my senior year I was asked to make a custom eight piece collection of handmade accessories. I chose to think outside the box and venture out into the unknown. Without the knowledge of knowing how to properly construct an actual helmet I decided I would take the plunge and attempt it without any training in headwear, helmets, or head form pattern making. This was all extremely new territory but I decided this was a task that I must, and will try to accomplish. 

My thought process behind this project was a bike helmet which you would be able to defend yourself in case of an emergency by head butting the attacked with a hard brimmed helmet. I found no real desire to work with metal so I switched it up a bit and found a hard exotic wood that I could carve and shine to polish to create a spectacular wooden brim to this handmade leather shell of a helmet. The Cocobollo brim with antiqued screw rivets came out better then I could have ever imagined. Although the helmet still has work until it reaches perfection, I found a wonderful outcome in this attempt in creating a new trendy way in staying safe. 


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